About the Artist...

Edward K. Hudson

Edward K. Hudson was born in Mexico City. His father was from Syracuse, New York while originally his father's family was from Ireland. His mother was from Mexico City while her family was originally from Spain. This diversity in culture and language were fascinating and enriching to Edward who grew up immersed in two very different worlds.

Edward originally studied commercial art and photography in the early 1980's and pursued these areas of interest for many years, including a period owning and operating a photo studio in Ventura California, as well as a motion picture and commercial casting business for extras in Hollywood, California. He spent the last 15 years creating 2D and 3D graphics and animation for computer, console, and mobile games.

Recently, Edward earned a Bachelors degree in Information Technology in additon to two Business Masters and commencing his PhD.

He has displayed his paintings and photographs in a one man show in Camarillo, California as well in Ventura, California. In addition, some of his work is on display at the Allegory Fine Arts Gallery, the Buenaventura Gallery, and the Harbor Village Gallery in Ventura, California. He is one of only forty six artists selected to participate in the Focus on the Masters Studio Tour in May 2006 (www.foucsonthemasters.com), and one of only forty two artists selected for 2007. He has won several awards for his paintings and computer graphic images. Recently he participated on a judging panel for a local Ventura art show. He now dedicates all of his artistic time, focus, and vision to creating his time-period oil paintings.

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