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New! Recently Completed Piece:

First Stanley Steamer in Town, 1899

"First Steam Car in Town, 1899," 48" x 72"

Painting the American Dream

“Nobody just walks past Edward K. Hudson’s paintings – they have a way of drawing you in. Like turning a corner and coming upon your dad as a young man with a group of his friends, suddenly you are there. You are laughing with a group of women in vintage swimsuits at the local swimming hole; you are sitting on your grandfather’s knee being read your favorite story.” – Nicole D’Amore, Ventura County Star

Hudson’s traditional figurative oils do not represent just one time period – they almost appear to be large “snapshots,” an instant in time, a moment of human interaction caught in the middle of an action or a feeling or an event, whether that be 1890 or 1949. Often the people in the paintings look at the viewer, drawing that viewer into the scene.

Edward has been oil painting for over 20 years. His painting allows him to combine his love of history with his love of art. Edward's pieces touch a part in all of us and our past. The subject becomes not so much something to look at, as someone to interact and participate with. In his images we can all see an old friend, a parent, an aunt, an uncle or a child that we know and remember from our own past.

“It saddens me that the old becomes the unwanted, disposable and forgotten” says Hudson. “There is a strong tendency to value only that which seems to be new and stylish and to discredit that which seems old and worn – to discard it, replace it, forget it. Had it not been for that which seems so useless and archaic to many, none of us would be here today! Those times, events, ideas, inventions, fashions, buildings, vehicles, devices, activities, wars, styles, attitudes, wishes, and dreams of those many people who came before were just as real and tangible to them as ours are to us! In my art, I bring back and celebrate those times and those people – the American Dream.”

Please enjoy this site, return often to see new paintings which are being posted on a regular basis, and feel free to email or visit Edward's blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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