Welcome to the Studio. Up until April of 2007, Edward worked in two studios: his main location within Art First! Center for the Arts and Allegory, A Fine Arts Gallery (which he founded) in Ventura, California - a school and gallery with attached artist studio spaces and artist community - and a smaller location in Westlake Village, California. Earlier this year Edward sold the school (which is still operating) and is in the process of converting the gallery to a fully Online endeavor. The greatest challenges in location are, first, achieving proper lighting, second, adequate space in which to work on very large pieces, and third, storage for both the raw materials as well as final pieces.

The Ventura Studio provided good light in the daytime. The Westlake Studio depends on artificial light to a point, but it also provides a wide bank of North facing windows.

Previous Studio: Ventura, California

Current Studio: Westlake Village, California